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Triandro Board

Triandro is played on a unique playing field which is different from that of any other board game. The perimeter, or outer edges of the playing field, is composed of 6 double lines. The remainder of the hexagon-shaped field is composed of 21 lines which cross to form the many triangles that make the game of Triandro so exciting. The board contains 55 points (where the lines intersect) on which a player may place his stones.


The color stones which are placed on the points of the board. Each player begins the game with a total of 14 stones of a given color. These stones are located in each player's box. Stones which are captured by a player during the game are also placed beside the player stones


The game of Triandro can be played with up to four players. When playing Triandro against a computer opponent, you may only have a two-player game. When there are three or four players involved in a game, the game screen is adjusted to include these players The order in which the players place their stones on the board (ie. who starts first) can be determined in the following ways:

1. Choose the order of players as blue, red, green and yellow (predefined colors) Blue colored stone should start the game and followed by red, green and yellow(Predefined order).

2. When playing against the computer, the default is for you to start the game. As mentioned before, you can play against the computer, or against one, two, or three players. When you play against the computer, you will have the option of choosing one of five skill levels for your computer opponent. These levels, listed in ascending order of difficulty, include: Novice, Intermediate, Expert, Master, and Grand Master.

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